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Without question, the options that we offer set us far apart from a variety of competitors. These options allow us to design products for virtually any harsh environmental condition, albeit there certainly are some exceptions. Most of the options were designed to be solutions to the envronmental conditions of the area, but we also are very sensitive to the operational requirements that will improve the efficiency of an operation, and thus increase the productivity of the particular application. Such is the case with Side Doors or Front Door with hinges that allow immediate access to media and/or control buttons. As noted elsewhere in our website, the options that we offer are, with few exceptions, developed as a result of prospect/customer quiries and solution needs.
Options shown here:
The enclosure shown here has Fan/Filter option, as well as the Heater option (small orange patch in the rear). This is a "Combo" Enclosure that housed a bar code printer, as well as a terminal input device that would be mounted on the stand shown at the front left corner of this enclosure.

Other Options
Hinged Front Door
One other option is the front door mount. The standard front door is attached with stainless cables, allowing it to be placed on top, hanging down, or on the side of the enclosure during operation. Optionally, the front door can be attached with a top stainless steel hinge, allowing the door to easily swing on top of the enclosure during operation. There is no charge for this option, but it must be specified as your preference on the PO

Side Door Option for Splashdown/Washdown Enclosures
Normally, the top of the enclosure is detached and lifted off the printer to change media. With the side door, the printer runs with its hinged door off inside the enclosure leaving a quick access to the media side of the printer without removing the top. The optional side door for washdown and splashdown enclosures is normally only needed when the volume of printing requires frequent changing of print media, and time or temperature loss is a factor to the speed of replacing the media.

Side Door Option for Covers

Duplex AC Outlet
Electrical duplex is installed internally to allow additional electrical devices to be plugged in on the same circuitry.

Cover Bottom - 1/2" Polyethylene

Splash Bottom upgrade with Seal & Latches

Sound Damping

Fan w Filter
Fan/Filter Assembly
From those early models came additional innovations, such as the fan/filter option. This is the most common and most popular option that we offer. In many cases it is not an option, but rather included as standard featrures. This add-on fan option brings air into the enclosure, passing it through a filter that can be cleaned and/or replaced. Or indeed the filter may be specific to environment in which the enclosure will be installed. For example the environment may be damp or dusty or chemical, and this the type of environment would dictate the type of filtering material to be used.

At any rate, the combination of the corrugated polycarbonate plastics and the fan/filter virtually eliminated the problem that is inherent in stainless steel – sweating or condensing moisture that can case rust in metal devices and malfunction in electronics contained within the device being protected.

NOTE: The Fan/Filter is standard on Splashdown and Washdown Enclosures. If the environment does not require this feature, then there is a credit reflected in the pricing. This should be discussed with the sales representative.
This option really sets us apart from the competition. The ability to incorporate a heater unit that is both "food grade" acceptable and thermostatically controlled is unique in the industry and has allowed us to offer enclosure solutions to a wide variety of environmental conditions.
Heater Assembly
If devices are to be installed inside freezers or on the dock, or any of a number of similar locations that can exist in a manufacturing and distributing operations. In some of the prior solution, a light bulb was used to generate heat inside the enclosure. But light bulbs will shatter and are thus not “food grade” acceptable. Our engineer designed a heater made from a rubber material coating internal heating elements. The heater can additionally have a small inline thermostat that can be set between two ranges. This means that the heater does not have to operate continuously and therefore was very effective and very economical.
Heater w Fan
Circulating Heater/Fan Option Assembly
The circulating heater compliments the ambient heat inside the enclosure by circulating it past a heating element using a fixed thermostat which operates between a nominal 40 (on) to 65 (off) degrees. The heater is normally needed when the outer air is consistently below 25 degrees. This option replaces the fan assembly, which comes standard on the splashdown or washdown enclosures, giving a $99 credit towards the price of the heater assembly. The assembly also has a reversible panel to allow it to pull in outside air for straight ventilation when the outside environment is warmer.

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