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Products that solve the critical problems that exist in industrial environments:
Excessive Moisture - Heat/Cold - Dust & Airborne Particales
Environmental Enclosures
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Enclosure Information

Enclosures' Materials
Our enclosures are made with Lexan, a shatterproof polycarbonate plastic. : Polycarbonates are strong, tough materials, and are "food-grade" acceptable...It is non-breakable and non-porous... it will not harbor bacteria or moisture. Our enclosures are optically transparent that allow for visual observation of the items being protected. They are easily worked, molded, sawed, and thermoformed.
We also use polyethylene plastic, also known as cutting board or Butcher’s block. Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic in the world. It is lightweight and exremely strong and durable. It is adaptable to a variety of products, but in the solid sheet form for which we use in our products, is often referred to in the food industry as "Cutting Board" and is widely used in nearly all food processing applications.
All hardware (screws, bolts, cables) is stainless steel.

Enclosure Options
Also, the electronic equipment can generate significant heat during operation. The performance of the equipment can be affected by temperature - both hot and cold. Performance may become undesirable if the electronics are subject to high or low temperatures or large temperature variations. Generally, heating and/or cooling is achieved by providing airflow across the electronics to remove excess heat. Air moving fans and filters are sometimes installed to limit the dust and particles, while ventilating the equipment that is being protected by the environmental conditions. Check our options that enhance the performance - heaters, ventilation fans, power source boxes, and more. And when options are required, quite often they can be field installed by plant maintenance, since the material can be easily drilled and sawed with standard tools.

Enclosures Features
Our enclosures are designed to meet a variety of NEMA-type requirements. These rugged enclosures allow our customers to deploy solutions to problems involving harsh environments where durability and dependability are critical - all the while available at a cost that trranslates to more profit for their company.
Enclosures are maintenance free and corrosion resistant.
Enclosures are non-conductive, and will not allow static or electrical charge.
All enclosures can be easily modified to customer specifications, and can easily accept retrofitting of accessories that may require sawing and/or drilling.

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