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Enclosures for Data Collection Terminals
We offer washdown enclosures that are designed to be used in meat and food processing plants where there may be moist and humid conditions, and where high pressure washers are often used.

Stainless steel retaining cables connect the door to the enclosure to prevent misplacement or allows the solid door to hang loose or be placed on top of the enclosure during operation.Stainless steel latches hold the door closed during washdown and operational periods. The optional heavy duty vinyl that covers the keyboard opening, allows for data collection terminal operation even when the enclosure door is closed and in the washdown position.The vinyl cover allows a "feel" for raised keys and can even be written on with a marker to indicate "target" keys for certain operations.

Other features include a water channel around the perimeter of the opening to direct liquids away. The door closes against a watertight seal that keeps moisture from getting inside the enclosure.The terminal would be attached to a mounting panel.The mounting panel is positioned so that the keyboard contact with the vinyl is correct for the specified terminal model.Backup terminals may already be attached to mounting panels and when "swap-out" is necessary for maintenance or other reasons, it simply is a matter of switching terminals in a matter of seconds.That can be crucial during production periods when any downtime is extremely costly. Data cables and/or power cables have access to the inside of the enclosure via pre-fitted compression fittings, or a sealed cable access panel.

Options include:
1. a power outlet inside the enclosure for any data collection terminal requiring local power
2. for cold environments, a heater with a thermostat may be installed in the enclosure

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