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Excessive Moisture - Heat/Cold - Dust & Airborne Particales
Environmental Enclosures
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Enclosures Applications
Our non-metalic, plastic enclosures are designed for use as electrical and electronic equipment in environmental and corrosive environments and provide ideal, long lasting protection. The protection level is equivalent to NEMA 4 & NEMA 12 (customer option, depending on application.) Our enclosures are much lighter than equivalent metal enclosures, and are generally 30% to 70% less cost. They offer protection from a host of environmental contaminates including (but not limited to...) dust, rain, splashing water, high pressure directed water, static & electrical charges, more....

Our Polycarbonate enclosures are industrial type enclosures that are ideal in any environment where frequent wash down is required. They will help prevent dirt, dust, water, oil, coolant or most any other contaminant from damaging your plant’s sensitive equipment. These enclosures will help increase your bottom line by helping to eliminate costly damage to expensive electronic equipment. When compared to Stainless Steel, our enclosures not only can save you money on the initial cost, but also include features not found in steel enclosures. An example would be; humidity that is always found in meat and food plants, can cause steel enclosures to "sweat", thus creating moisture on the "inside" of the enclosure - not good for electronic equipment. Plus the moisture can also cause "rust" to form as well as potentially creating a short in the electronics.

For applications where rain, moisture, blowing dust or dirt or other environmental factors are a problem, BTI offers a complete line of NEMA equivelant enclosures. These enclosures offer complete protection for indoor or outdoor usage. All of our products are built with the same materials and quality workmanship.

Environmental Enclosures are widely used to support and to enclose electronic equipment such as relays, computers, printers, applicators, switching gear, and the like. Electronics and otherwise the equipment to be protected is usually housed within an enclosure formed of either aluminum, steel, plastic, etc. There are numerous commercially available enclosure constructions for housing and containing various electronic apparatus, obviously depending on the application and the item.
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