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Products that solve the critical problems that exist in industrial environments:
Excessive Moisture - Heat/Cold - Dust & Airborne Particales
Environmental Enclosures
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Enclosures Types

NEMA12 ... complete protection for electronic and electrical equipment in indoor applications involving airborne contamination allout.

NEMA4 ... for electronic and electrical equipment indoors and outdoors.

NEMA4X ... indoor and outdoor applications in wet and/or hose down areas, such as in meat and food processing businesses.

Covers (NEMA12-type) - A cakebox lift off top with handle. Hinged loose flaps. Cable notch. Filtered fan assembly, heater, hinged side door, and bottom are optional. Covers protect against dust & other falling contaminates.

(NEMA4-type) - A cakebox lift off top with handle & bottom. Hinged latched flaps with peripheral seals. Cable notch. Filtered fan assembly is standard. Heater is optional. Splashdown enclosures protect against "splashed" fluids & other circulating contaminates.

Washdown (NEMA4X-type) - Latched & sealed removable front door with retaining cables. Peripheral water channel on front. Latched and sealed bottom. Removable inside access panel. Sealed cable notch. Filtered fan assembly standard. Heater and hinged side access door are optional. Washdown enclosures protected against directed contaminates in most all high pressure washdown applications.
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