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Combo Style Enclosures
It is very common for companies to have the requirement for a "package" that will accommodate more than one device for an application. The most common of this need is in applications involving a data collection terminal that is attached to a bar code printer. Indeed the terminal may also be attached to other devices at the same time, but purposes here we will present the terminal and printer combination.

In our "sample" description, the enclosure & peripheral station is designed to accommodate an Intermec CV61 terminal, a Sato CL408 printer, & various devices. The basic station includes the terminal enclosure with 4 mounting screws, the printer enclosure, & the interconnection cable between the two. On the terminal enclosure, there are external connections for peripheral devices. Including, a connection to the printer enclosure which also contains the AC power adapter for the terminal.
Terminal Enclosure
There are three external connections on the terminal enclosure. The NETWORK port connects to the terminals network connector and externally to the Ethernet system. The solo COM port connects to either of the terminals COM ports and can connect to any external serial device, such as a scale or scanner. The COMBO port is connected to terminal power, & one of the terminals COM ports. Externally, this port connects to the COMBO port on the printer enclosure.

Printer Enclosure
The junction box in the printer enclosure contains AC power in, and AC power out for the printer and terminal AC adapter. It also contains the DC power out to the terminal enclosure and the serial data connector which brings data in to the printer from the terminal enclosure through the printer enclosure COMBO connector. There is a sub door on the front to allow access to the CV61 touch screen. The sub door has a latch to hold it open on top.

Again, we offer the preceding narrative only as an example of the many combinations of devices that we can accommodate. This is one of the most common inquiries that we receive for design services. If you have such a need, we invite you to click here to review our Request For Design.
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