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Products that solve the critical problems that exist in industrial environments:
Excessive Moisture - Heat/Cold - Dust & Airborne Particales
Environmental Enclosures
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Q: What do you make?
A: Covers and Enclosures made of Polycarbonite plastic.

Q: What various types of equipment for which you have manufactured enclosures?
A: (several)

Q: Do you make any metal enclosures?
A: No - all of our products are made of  high impact Polycarbonite plastic.

Q: How can I buy Enclosures from Bear Tech Industries?
A: We suggest that initially you review our Resellers Listing in order to determine if there is currently a distributor that is in your trade area, or that you would feel comfortable in doing business. If you are unable to make such a decision, then we strongly urge you to call us at 701-579-8001 and we will make extreme effort to see that you become aligned with a reseller/distributor that will best serve your needs. Or you may send us an email with your request at (email)

Q: What sizes of enclosures do you make?
A: The smallest is 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 1-5/8" and the largest is 90" x 40" x 30"

Q: Can Polycarbonite plastic enclosures withstand a heavy impact?
A:  Absolutely!.. we have documented cases of how internal devises were protected when the enclosure was compromised.

Q: If I order enclosures, how long will it take to ship?
A: We only produce products per actual Purchase Orders. In other words, we do not "build to inventory" since there is such a wide range of equipment that we serve, as well as a wide range of harsh environments that we regularly encounter.

Q: How did the this type of enclosures come about?
A: ...see "Our History"

Q: If you don't sell metal enclosures, how is polycarbonite enclosures better?
A: FRP resists corrosion, it is maintenance free, reduces the risk of electrical shock, free of halogens to be flame retardant, (self extinguishing eliminating release of toxic fumes), light weight, resistant to many harsh chemicals, weather resistant (from-59ºF to +302ºF), water and dust resistant.

Q: How can I get prices?
A: If you are unable to recive a quotation from a reseller/distributor then please feel free to call us at 701-579-8001. It is important to note that even though we will willingly provide you with a quotation, you will ultimately still be required to place your order through an authorized reseller/distributor. (see more on our distribution procedure)

Q: How can I get a catalog?
A: We do not produce a catalog. We do try and keep our website current with models and prices.

Q: How can I find the right enclosure for my equipment requirements?
A: As indicated previously, we recommend that you contact a reseller/distributor in order to make this type of determination. However, as we have also noted, we are very willing to talk with you directly and even to the point of designing enclosures to your specific needs. As noted previously, your eventual order must come through an authorized reseller/distributor. Our website has a lot of information about enclosures that we manufacture. If you still have questions after looking around you can call us at 701-579-8001 or email us here.

Q: Are you competitively priced with other non-metallic enclosures?
A: Bring us the opportunity and you will see for yourself.

Q: Are you competitively priced with aluminum or stainless steel enclosures?
A: Bring us the opportunity and you will see for yourself.
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