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Glossary / Terminology

Enclosure - Any unit with all 6 sides enclosed. Usually a two piece unit with one end having a door or flaps. Comes in Cover, Splashdown, and Washdown models. Normally used for terminals, PCs, small modules, etc.

Cover - A cakebox lift off top with handle. Hinged loose flaps. Cable notch. filtered fan assembly, heater, hinged side door, & bottom are optional. Covers protect against dust & other falling contaminates. NEMA12-type

Splashdown - A cakebox lift off top with handle & bottom. Hinged latched flaps with peripheral seals. Cable notch. Filtered fan assembly is standard. Heater is optional. Splashdown enclosures protect against splashed fluids & other circulating contaminates. NEMA4-type

Washdown - Latched & sealed removable front door with retaining cables. Peripheral water channel on front. Latched and sealed bottom. Removable inside access panel. Sealed cable notch. filtered fan assembly standard. Heater & hinged side access door are optional. Washdown enclosures protected against directed contaminates in most all washdown applications. NEMA4X-type.

Custom - Any new design of cover or enclosure, or any stock cover or enclosure which has changes made to its basic design outside of optional features. This includes extra access openings, changes to existing design, or size changes to the basic design. Custom enclosures normally have additional charges billed for custom design features.

Discounts - Preferably, Bear Tech does all sales through resellers and distributors. Rarely, when selling direct to end users, the customer is charged at the standard suggested list price, with minimum discounts large quantities. It is against our policy to sell direct to any end user who is a customer of one of our resellers or distributors.

Bottom - A plate used with covers (optional), splashdowns, & washdowns (included) which prevents outside contaminants from entering under the cover. On washdowns, the bottom is sealed and latched to the body.

Fan Assembly - A three piece unit consisting of a filtered external vent panel, a circulating fan, and a fused junction box. The junction box has modular power connection and a power pigtail on specific enclosures. When used with an AC outlet option, no junction box is needed. This is an option on covers, and a standard feature on splashdown and washdown enclosures.

Heater - A three piece unit consisting of a thermostat, a heater element, and a fused junction box. The junction box is the same as the fan assembly. When used with a fan assembly, the heater shares its junction box. When used with an AC option, no junction box is needed. The heater comes in two styles a static heater which is placed above the fan assembly so the outside air is blown across it, & a circulating heater which can be switched between heating outside air or circulating the air inside the enclosure. The thermostat on either heater is fixed to turn on the heater at 45 degrees & turn off at 65 degrees. The unit heats in increments. This assembly is an option on all.

AC Option - This is simply a duplex outlet with a power cord, usually placed in the rear of the cover or enclosure, and usually used when multiple power access is needed. This assembly is an option on all covers and enclosures.

Side Door - An option for bar code printer covers and enclosures. This is normally used with high volume operations where time is lost removing the cover to replace media materials. The printer has its media panel or door removed inside the enclosure so that the media area can be easily accessed. The ribbon and/or labels, and sometimes the printhead can be easily replaced by simply opening the enclosure’s side door

Compression Fittings - This option is only needed on splashdown and washdown enclosures. It is used to provide an absolute watertight seal around cables as opposed to the standard cable notch, which uses a peripheral seal. The disadvantage is that any cable must be pre-assembled through the fitting. This is optional on all covers and enclosures.

Cable Panel - This option is normally used on splashdown and washdown enclosures in place of the cable notch or compression fittings. It consists of a rectangular access opening with a removable cover panel. It utilizes a ½” rubber seal which surrounds cables, providing a tighter seal than the standard cable notch for splashdown & washdown applications.

Top Hinge & Retaining Cables - A top hinge door is optional on washdowns at no additional cost. It replaces the standard loose door & allows the front door to simply swing open on top of the enclosure. The retaining cables are used to keep the loose door from being misplaced when removed and offers more versatility it tight areas.

Latches - All latches on our covers & enclosures are stainless steel quarterlock draw type latches with keepers. All hardware used (hinges, screws, cables, etc.) is stainless steel.
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